Halloween time :)

Halloween jewelry - by webweaver.nu

Trick or treat??!… It’s that time of the year again, Halloween!

Well, I am Italian, so Halloween it’s a quite new feast for us, but it’s becoming more popular every year, but I am not living in Italy at the moment so I can feel the atmosphere 🙂

To celebrate it this year I want to make a selection of nice Halloween jewelry to suits all budgets.

Look at what I’ve found around the net – I created a collection on my polyvore account:

My fav ones are the  Jack Vartanian Bat Necklaces even if I am not a big fan of diamonds. They are part of his latest collection and many celebrities love them, see Megan Fox and Kate Hudson. But the prices are absolutely out of my hands…

Holiday decoration

Then I really like the silver necklace from cafèpress, with the small orange pumpkin – cute! and the pumpkin stud earrings, which I think are really cool!


Necklace (clipped to polyvore.com)

Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Earrings

Some many pumpkins around that they have actually inspired me for the pendant design I am going to use during the jewellery class I am attending… Lets see how it works!
C u soon


First lesson – finally!… Jewellery making course

copper sheet - jewelry making

Finally I started this Jewelry making course at MCAST in Malta 🙂 I am so happy for this new adventure.
Unfortunately the school is not so organized, I had issues finding the piece of metal they required for the first lesson, but at the end I used some that was already there, and for the next time I am going to buy a piece of copper from another student. Anyway I really enjoyed this first lesson – we are many, compare to what I though, different backgrounds, but we share a passion for crafts.
The Lecturer, Mr Castillo, has studied in London and after presenting himself he showed us some of his creations. Really cool!
I see Jewelry as Art, and this is what I would love to learn. Trying to come up with an original idea, designing it, studying how to create it, work on the metal, and shape i into something amazing!
He showed us the basic steps that a jeweler should follow when making a new piece.
First there should be an inspiration, then we should come up with a design, in this case we are going to create a pendant.
This is what I’ve learned today.
Every kind of metal used in jewellery must go through a process called annealing, which basically is making the metal softer by the application of heat, to shape it. The easiest method of annealing is with a torch. And I tried it!! I was a bit scared because I am afraid of fire, but at the end it was fun and interesting 

annealing - jewelry making
Then you need to cool off the piece of metal, and when it is not hot anymore you can place it in acid and water for the cleaning and it changes color…
So now the metal is ready to be shaped with the tools, such as among others special hammers, to create the particular texture needed.
We actually went through all the steps, but really fast, throughout the course we are going to look more deeply into each of them.
Also, Mr Castillo showed us the basic equipment for a jeweler workshop. From the next lesson we are going to start designing our own piece. I am so excited!
I’ll keep you posted.
C u soon

Work in progress…

work in progress, earrings making

Finally the jewelry making course at MCAST is going to be held, and I am so looking forward to it!

Next Friday will be my first lesson, and I have to bring with me a piece of metal, brass or copper because I think we are going to start making stuff straight away! wowowowowowowowowowow

I think I will share with you everything I learn during the class, it will be all new for me and might be interesting for you too if you are jewelry lovers or makers.

Meanwhile I am still working on my own collage collection of earrings, and they are coming out really well 😉

What do you think?

collage earrings, earringspassion

From US with love – American souvenirs

Black cats earrings

Everyday is a new day, and today I am absolutely happy! The daily quote says “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything” – so true, I totally agree with this and I want to stick it into my mind forever! Well, I am also happy because apparently the jewelry course that got suspended is actually going to be held. Not sure when but I will wait 😉

While I’m working on my personal earrings collection I never forget all the earrings I bought around the world, they always give me great inspiration. Like this pair I bought in US for example.

Some years ago I ended working for Disney World in Florida at Epcot center, it was an amazing adventure, but unfortunately I quit a bit before the ending date. Anyway, when I was in the US, but flying back to Europe, I bought this pair of earrings, which I love and I wear them every time I want to downplay a more serious outfit.

These metal black cats are so cute in my opinion, I love cats and I used to have a black cat called Oreste, when I was a child, so although some may think that they bring bad luck, I simply love them, they are long, and give me a smart look with a touch of frivolity. Do you agree? 🙂

both turquoise – both Parfois!

flower earrings parfois

I had never heard of Parfois brand before I came to live here… what a pity!! I love that shop, and I just realized that is not just a small shop in a town but a big brand that sells online of course!! Anyway I still love to go in the shop and have a look around, I love their style… cheap but chic – my favourite!
The earrings in the pictures are from Parfois indeed, I bought them last year, and I use them so much! The top ones were sold in a package with another pair of blue lace bows, cute as well, but I think those ones have a more vintage flavour.
The ones in the bottom picture are so cool for an elegant outfit, nice silver drop earrings give always a smart look 😉
Do you agree?!
C u soon 🙂

drop earrings, parfois

My own collection preview :)

collage earrings preview

Today I am a bit upset, I just found out that the jewelry course I was going to follow is not going to be held, lack of participants – those are the bad things of living on a small island… but I will keep studying jewelry by myself for sure! which is a bit difficult, but not impossible.

At the moment I am working on my own collection, which takes inspiration from “everything” I see around me, it’s about famous paintings, collage, movies, music, stories – a bit of everything I love. Here are some models (just prototypes :P) – I would like to know what do you think about them – the hooks are missing hihihihi –  Thanks!

C u soon 😉

First prototypes


New prototypes

new prototypes

Sunny Greece Part 3 – Santorini

Santorini - Imerovigli - View from Kapari Restaurant

I was looking so much for Santorini, it was the only one of the three islands that I actually saw pictures before, and I knew it was going to be the best place of the entire trip! Well, Santorini is beautiful I cannot say differently but nothing more than the other two, just different… The landscape that you can admire from Firà, Oià, Firostefani, Imerovigli is stunning and breathtaking, the so called “Caldera”. Those cities are set at about 250 metres on the sea level, so you cannot even imagine what you can see from there until you are actually there! Breathtaking is the only word that came into my mind… many boutique hotels are located in the towns overlooking the caldera, with private balconies and pools – perfect place for honeymoons without any doubt.
So I realized that Santorini can be divide in two part, one really amazing on the west coast, looking the volcano and the one on the East coast, special, but not so much as the other one unfortunately. There long black sandy beaches (because of the volcanic soil) with clean waters, and very organized. We ate on a wonderful terrace the first night in Imerovigli at Kapari Restaurant, and was simply fabulous! On a balcony watching the sunset, eating good food, and enjoying the amazing moment – I can definitely say that the sunset from Imerovigli is one of the greatest wonders in the world! The second day we decided to wake up at sunrise and have a walk through the towns, getting also to Skaros rock, and although the hard and tiring walking when we arrived there it was amazing to be just in the middle of the sea… Then at night we decided to do something different and using tripadvisor tips (we love that site!) we went to the open cinema in Kamari a really cool place and a cool idea – an open cinema where you can also have really good drinks while watching new movies.

Santorini mix

There were fine boutiques also in Santorini, they usually sells jewelry made from volcano stones like Athens Protasis, but to be absolutely honest I really preferred the ones in Mykonos and Paros. Santorini is full of visitors every day and walking around the towns is not so relaxing as I thought before arriving since there are many hills. Of course I cannot write of all the things we saw during this amazing trip, I can just suggest this trip to everyone and feel free to contact me if you wish to know more 😉 – you can see other pictures on my instagram.

C u soon 😉