How to choose a necklace?!

I am sorry I haven’t been posting for a long time, but as for probably most of you Xmas time is really busy – soon I’ll post some of the presents I found under the tree LOL

Since I am still working on my metal pendant, today I’d like to focus on necklaces, various types and how to choose one to match your outfit.

As you can see in my polyvore collection
there are soooo many kind of necklaces.
We can classify them by adornment type or by length.
There are cross necklaces (the ones carrying a Christian cross), diamond, pearl necklaces, with pendant (beaded or not) and the famous Rivière one which usually has a single strand of gemstones of the same general size and cut.
Then by length we can choose among a Choker, which usually sits high on the neck with its 35 cm to 41 cm length; a matinee which is usually longer (between 56 cm and 58 cm; a princess necklace, that is longer than a choker, but usually shorter than a matinee. Then there are the really long ones like the opera necklace, the rope and the lariat (more then 75 cm long).

But how to wear them?!
Well, I think that fashion doesn’t really require a rule to choose a necklace, what I usually do is try to mix the necklace with the outfit to create something interesting and original, for example I love funny pendants so I might wear one for a smart occasion just to play down a serious outfit – but if I am very elegant for a night out, I might decide to use pearls which are always chic. I love pearls and I might us them also to give a smart touch to a more casual outfit… what do you think?!
how do you choose your necklace?
I’ll wait for your suggestions 🙂
C u soon


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