Best bday present for a jewellery lover :)

la gitana loca

One of my friend brought me a birthday present directly from Spain. She is Spanish indeed and she knows how much I love costume jewelry – so even if my bday was few weeks ago I was happy like a child. Mostly to discover that it was a really nice little package with earrings and matching necklace inside!
The artist is called “La gitana loca” and unfortunately I couldn’t find her on the net, probably she’s still developing her website, so I will keep searching and I will let you know when I find her online shop 😉
The earrings have a rectangular shape, and are blue and white with touches of red, like the necklace which has a leather string – the material seems ceramic but I am not sure, I was searching a bit on internet and it could also be a particular ancient technique called “esmalte a fuego” – I am not sure but might be this “fire enamel” technique. I expect news and comments from you if you are expert about it 🙂
Looking forward to hearing from you
C u 😉


2 thoughts on “Best bday present for a jewellery lover :)

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  1. Soy Jose Manuel Verde, el artista que ha realizado el colgante y los pendientes que tanto te gustan.
    Muchas gracias por tus palabras!
    Si quieres ver más piezas, puedes visitar mi web:
    LA GITANA LOCA es el nombre de mi tienda.

    Jose Manuel Verde.

    1. Hola! Gracias por su comentario 🙂 es realmente un placer conocerle. Usted es un buen artista (Mi español no es muy bueno, lo siento).
      Yo estaba buscando para su sitio web, gracias por compartir 🙂 have a nice day!

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