Finally the metal is taking shape… jewelry making third lesson!

third lesson

I went to the third lesson of the jewelry course, actually it was the forth, cause I missed one 😉 but a nice lady explained me what the lecturer taught the week before.
He explained out to polish the metal with emery sandpapers, something like this (btw this jewelry tools website seems quite well equipped).

Then when the metal was clean enough I could finally draw the shape, then I started cutting, but the lecturer realized that the metal was not thick enough to do my design so he suggested to invert the metals, because of the thickness. At the end changing my design was not a big problem.
So I drew the shape again on a piece of brass (I will still use copper, but only for the small parts) and I started cutting using a saw blade. It is also necessary to use a lubricant to ensure that the blade runs smoothly.

When cutting the shape you need to be a bit outside the design to avoid ruining it with wrong cuts, no problem if the shape looks a bit different, after you will finish the shape with another tool, but this will come in the next lesson 😉

C u soon


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