Second lesson: the design is starting! – Jewelry making here we come

jewelry course, second lesson
Yesterday I was at my second Jewelry making lesson at MCAST – we are actually starting with our own projects for a pendant.
After few ideas I decided to make a necklace that is composed by three parts connected together, composed by two different metals (copper and brass).
It is a jewellery beginner course so the design should be enough easy and mine seems to be not so difficult but it will involve also sealing two metals together – wow!

So I have a piece of metal from which I will create my pendant, (see picture above) and I have my design ready.

Now I annealed my piece to make it softer and easier to shape and put it in acid to clean it.
Next lesson we are starting to cut and shape.
Our lecturer showed us also many tools essential in Jewelry making, but they are so many! I think only when using them I would learn their names lol
Jewelry making basic tools Collage

C u soon 🙂


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