First lesson – finally!… Jewellery making course

copper sheet - jewelry making

Finally I started this Jewelry making course at MCAST in Malta 🙂 I am so happy for this new adventure.
Unfortunately the school is not so organized, I had issues finding the piece of metal they required for the first lesson, but at the end I used some that was already there, and for the next time I am going to buy a piece of copper from another student. Anyway I really enjoyed this first lesson – we are many, compare to what I though, different backgrounds, but we share a passion for crafts.
The Lecturer, Mr Castillo, has studied in London and after presenting himself he showed us some of his creations. Really cool!
I see Jewelry as Art, and this is what I would love to learn. Trying to come up with an original idea, designing it, studying how to create it, work on the metal, and shape i into something amazing!
He showed us the basic steps that a jeweler should follow when making a new piece.
First there should be an inspiration, then we should come up with a design, in this case we are going to create a pendant.
This is what I’ve learned today.
Every kind of metal used in jewellery must go through a process called annealing, which basically is making the metal softer by the application of heat, to shape it. The easiest method of annealing is with a torch. And I tried it!! I was a bit scared because I am afraid of fire, but at the end it was fun and interesting 

annealing - jewelry making
Then you need to cool off the piece of metal, and when it is not hot anymore you can place it in acid and water for the cleaning and it changes color…
So now the metal is ready to be shaped with the tools, such as among others special hammers, to create the particular texture needed.
We actually went through all the steps, but really fast, throughout the course we are going to look more deeply into each of them.
Also, Mr Castillo showed us the basic equipment for a jeweler workshop. From the next lesson we are going to start designing our own piece. I am so excited!
I’ll keep you posted.
C u soon


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