Sunny Greece Part 1 – Mykonos

mykonos jewelry

I just came back from an amazing trip around three Greek islands and I can hardly wait to tell you everything I saw. We explored three Cyclades islands – Mykonos, Paros and Santorini. We booked flights, ferries, hotels, restaurants many months before to be ready for this great adventure! Arriving to Athens airport we spent the night going to Piraeus Port to get on board of the first ferry that was going to take us to Mykonos. Before this trip I wasn’t sure what to expect from Greece, at the end of the day I live in Malta – which is an island itself and I come from the South of Italy so Greece was going to be pretty the same landscape… Actually it was amazing, of course not so different in colors from what I am used to, but so good in services and details – in Mykonos everything was just perfect! Mykonos town is a pearl, all white, full of restaurants, bars, fine shops and jewelry boutiques! It was a paradise for me, I never imagine Greece and Greek people had such a good taste for making jewelry, they are for sure really great artisans! Mykonos is a bit expensive, compare to the other islands, but it is like living in a dream. Beautiful beaches, completely organized, they are really customers oriented and make their best to pamper guests and should definitely be taken as example. We stayed at The A hotel, just outside Mykonos town in the countryside, but from the pool you could see the sea and we toured around by motorbike. Eating at M-eating the first night and at Ergon restaurant the second was just perfect – this last restaurant is located in an Art Hotel called Rocabella, and there is also a really nice Art Gallery inside “Nymphes Art Gallery” where you can find very precious jewellery – even though a bit expensive for my budget. I wish I could stay in Mykonos longer, but Paros island was waiting for us!…

Mykonos collage


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