Dalì, Barcelona & … dizziness

gold and pink earrings

Dalì is one of my favorite artist of all times, maybe because his paintings look like strange dreams, and I usually have odd dreams every night. When I had the chance to see some of his works in person I felt bewitched realizing how genius and mad he was. I went to Barcelona, btw, Dalì was from Girona, not far away so in Barcelona you can find some of his pieces. Anyway Barcelona is such a wonderful city, didn’t feel like Spain so much, but it has great architectural treasures. Imagine what you feel in front of the Sagrada Familia… so high!
The church is not finished yet, as you all know, but you can still go up on some of the towers (at least this is what I did) – only when I was at the top I realized I was afraid of heights!… I mean I knew it already, but never been on something so high, and the worst part was getting down through spiral staircase with a hole in the middle and no handrails! I started crying and I ended up going down the stairs with my bottom part to avoid looking in that endless hole!
So at the end it was not such a nice art experience 😛 but as usual I found great earrings close by.
Those are one of my favorite, I use them a lot, with ethnic styles and more chic ones.
The gold and pink match with everything!
C u soon 🙂


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