Macramé style

Macrame earrings - mix & match
I found those beautiful macramé earrings on (it is such an amazing website for designer pieces). Those wonderful gold-plated copper disk made by designer Milena Zu made me dream – to be honest they are a bit more expensive than what I usually buy and wear, but on internet you can still dream, don’t you?!! So, I was drawn up by them and I was wondering how to wear them, deciding to create three different outfit, to use during one/two days.
Imagine you need to change during the some day or during a short weekend getaway but you don’t want to carry too much stuff with you. Probably a good idea to keep the same accessories and use them differently with clothes, mixing & matching. Of course you will need a spare bag to carry the clothes 😉
I love to use colors, even at night time so using the same accessories – a yellow clutch, colorful flat shoes and round glasses – I could make three different styles. A classy romantic daily outfit with the white dress, a more casual sporty style with the jeans and the funny t-shirt and a night style with leggings and the green silk top.
Just comfortable ideas… what do you think?
C u soon 🙂


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