Paris when it sizzles

lace earrings
Have you seen Allen’s movie “Midnight in Paris”?… if you haven’t yet, you should! If you don’t like Allen and romantic comedies, at least you should watch it because of the amazing Paris portrait.
I went to the cinema with my boyfriend, and I know I am Allen’s fan and I love that kind of stories, but I simply felt in love with Paris. So the very next day without saying anything to my love I start searching for cheap trips to Paris; and imagine what??! he did the same, so we ended up booking for a Romantic weekend in the capital of France (fortunately we first spoke about it to agree that was going to be our anniversary present – so we didn’t book twice!)
I am also a big fan of Audrey Hepburn, so going around Paris made me feel like in one of her movie, at the cooking course like Sabrina, or in the dreamy story of Paris when it sizzles.
I can’t really describe Paris, it is just amazing, as you all probably know… it has a special atmosphear, and even if it was REALLY cold, I enjoyed every single moment. We could even find the real stair where Owen Wilson waits for the car that brings him back in time in Midnight in Paris!
Of course I couldn’t forget to buy a pair of earrings for my collection, so I chose these lace earrings, that match amazingly with my ukulele 🙂
C u soon


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