My first love

plastic earrings
When I first saw those I decided I wanted to buy them (I needed them!) even though I didn’t really change earrings so much. I told you before I used to wear always a pair of small brilliant cut earrings, but these flowery drops drawn my attention. It was spring and I wanted to be more colorful and fresh in my fashion style. I bought them but didn’t wear until I had to take off my brilliants because I was going under a dental CT scan and metal was going to jeopardize the results.
So you can imagine taking off my loving brilliants wasn’t easy, because I was really connected to them because of my mum, and also because after three years of wearing them, this “procedure” took me an entire afternoon!
Having my ears so free was a strange feeling for me, and I think that thas been the right moment when I first felt I wanted to start wearing fashion earrings, and now I simply love them!!!
I used to wear loads of necklaces before, but earrings are different… they really frame the face, they give light and personality.
So this is my first fashion pair, just plastic, but so chic!
What do you think?
C u soon. šŸ™‚


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