Leading out

How everything is starting…
I don’t know exactly but one day I decided I wanted to be more than just an employee so I had the idea of putting all my efforts in something I love and I really believe in.
Fashion jewelry is one of my greatest passion, but only few years ago I realized it.
So know I am also studying to design them and I will take you into my journey.
In the past I used to look at costume jewelry with inspiration, without knowing why I didn’t like to use them so much and to get them involved in my personal fashion style.
Then few years ago I found my first pair of fashion earrings, my first love! Before those I used to wear a pair of small brilliant cut earrings, it was my mum’s present for my graduation, so I was in love with them. But when I took them off to put my new fashion ones I totally felt in love with earrings in general.
I already had a collection of necklaces from around the world, but I decided I wanted to add this new “Earrings” category and now I have loads. I usually go around markets and find the most particular ones, I don’t usually buy them in shops, but this happened too – I will tell you my stories πŸ˜‰
I will show you my collections, but I will also look around the net to find the most beautiful and interesting stuff (I love internet researches and I am great at them!!) and I hope you will share with me your opinions and personal preferences.
C u soon πŸ™‚


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