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Summer is arriving soon and I’m so looking forward to it!!… I am dreaming about my next vacation, and I decided to come up with a chic style for Ibiza.
I actually started from an amazing necklace I found around the internet by Ibiza Passion (I love their website and the jewelry is so unique!). So I chose this crochet bib necklace with beads and gold charms, it won’t go unnoticed therefore I thought it could go very well with a simple dress from the new Mango summer collection – which I love as well – to fight the summer heat. I could not forget to add some wonderful Fabrizio Chini sandals and the J. Crew Havana clutch, but of course the necklace itself is special 🙂

What do you think?!


Christmas presents!

xmas presents Collage
Xmas is gone already, but I didn’t have time to show you two of the presents I received :)… two pairs of cool stylish earrings! I actually choose them hihihihih – as soon as I saw those earrings I desperatly wanted them.
They are both created by an Italian artist called “Annalisa di Lonardo”, and my sister bought them in a lovely xmas market in town.
One is a pair of circular stud earrings in brass and fimo clay. I choose this colour because I thought that it was easy to wear with brown, pink, yellowish outfits, but also with jeans.
The other pair is composed by triangular earrings – three overlapping layers, on of a silver plated triangle and the other two are made of fabric, one in black and one in white.
This geometric shape looks really cool on simple shirts to give a stylish touch.
I love them… what do you think?
C u soon 🙂

P.S.: Btw the xmas market was called Manufacta

How to choose a necklace?!

I am sorry I haven’t been posting for a long time, but as for probably most of you Xmas time is really busy – soon I’ll post some of the presents I found under the tree LOL

Since I am still working on my metal pendant, today I’d like to focus on necklaces, various types and how to choose one to match your outfit.

As you can see in my polyvore collection http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=3234489
there are soooo many kind of necklaces.
We can classify them by adornment type or by length.
There are cross necklaces (the ones carrying a Christian cross), diamond, pearl necklaces, with pendant (beaded or not) and the famous Rivière one which usually has a single strand of gemstones of the same general size and cut.
Then by length we can choose among a Choker, which usually sits high on the neck with its 35 cm to 41 cm length; a matinee which is usually longer (between 56 cm and 58 cm; a princess necklace, that is longer than a choker, but usually shorter than a matinee. Then there are the really long ones like the opera necklace, the rope and the lariat (more then 75 cm long).

But how to wear them?!
Well, I think that fashion doesn’t really require a rule to choose a necklace, what I usually do is try to mix the necklace with the outfit to create something interesting and original, for example I love funny pendants so I might wear one for a smart occasion just to play down a serious outfit – but if I am very elegant for a night out, I might decide to use pearls which are always chic. I love pearls and I might us them also to give a smart touch to a more casual outfit… what do you think?!
how do you choose your necklace?
I’ll wait for your suggestions 🙂
C u soon

Best bday present for a jewellery lover :)

la gitana loca

One of my friend brought me a birthday present directly from Spain. She is Spanish indeed and she knows how much I love costume jewelry – so even if my bday was few weeks ago I was happy like a child. Mostly to discover that it was a really nice little package with earrings and matching necklace inside!
The artist is called “La gitana loca” and unfortunately I couldn’t find her on the net, probably she’s still developing her website, so I will keep searching and I will let you know when I find her online shop 😉
The earrings have a rectangular shape, and are blue and white with touches of red, like the necklace which has a leather string – the material seems ceramic but I am not sure, I was searching a bit on internet and it could also be a particular ancient technique called “esmalte a fuego” – I am not sure but might be this “fire enamel” technique. I expect news and comments from you if you are expert about it 🙂
Looking forward to hearing from you
C u 😉

Finally the metal is taking shape… jewelry making third lesson!

third lesson

I went to the third lesson of the jewelry course, actually it was the forth, cause I missed one 😉 but a nice lady explained me what the lecturer taught the week before.
He explained out to polish the metal with emery sandpapers, something like this (btw this jewelry tools website seems quite well equipped).

Then when the metal was clean enough I could finally draw the shape, then I started cutting, but the lecturer realized that the metal was not thick enough to do my design so he suggested to invert the metals, because of the thickness. At the end changing my design was not a big problem.
So I drew the shape again on a piece of brass (I will still use copper, but only for the small parts) and I started cutting using a saw blade. It is also necessary to use a lubricant to ensure that the blade runs smoothly.

When cutting the shape you need to be a bit outside the design to avoid ruining it with wrong cuts, no problem if the shape looks a bit different, after you will finish the shape with another tool, but this will come in the next lesson 😉

C u soon

Weekly findings – DesignNE by Norman Eames and Light in the Dark by JennyAK – very nice!

DesignNE by Norman Eames
This week I would like to introduce you to my new findings – jewellery of course but also a touch of art!
About really cool jewelry I found this designer on Twitter, he’s called Norman Eames and his line is DesignNE. What I really love is the geometrical lines and shapes with beautiful colour shades and aluminium details. It is really interesting because he makes jewelry for “him and her” – Check it our yourself DesignNE

Since I love art and try to keep always updated with exhibitions and new artists, this week I went to a chiaroscuro art exhibition by a Swedish artist called Jenny AK The exhibition title is Light in the Dark, name chosen by the artist to pay homage to Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro technique. The collection has been developed and created across Italy, Malta and Sweden during the artist’s travels. Human figures standing in the dark, but whose feelings come out from the canvas. Every painting has a quote that describes it – Worth seeing 🙂
JennyAK painting

C u soon

Second lesson: the design is starting! – Jewelry making here we come

jewelry course, second lesson
Yesterday I was at my second Jewelry making lesson at MCAST – we are actually starting with our own projects for a pendant.
After few ideas I decided to make a necklace that is composed by three parts connected together, composed by two different metals (copper and brass).
It is a jewellery beginner course so the design should be enough easy and mine seems to be not so difficult but it will involve also sealing two metals together – wow!

So I have a piece of metal from which I will create my pendant, (see picture above) and I have my design ready.

Now I annealed my piece to make it softer and easier to shape and put it in acid to clean it.
Next lesson we are starting to cut and shape.
Our lecturer showed us also many tools essential in Jewelry making, but they are so many! I think only when using them I would learn their names lol
Jewelry making basic tools Collage

C u soon 🙂

Halloween time :)

Halloween jewelry - by webweaver.nu

Trick or treat??!… It’s that time of the year again, Halloween!

Well, I am Italian, so Halloween it’s a quite new feast for us, but it’s becoming more popular every year, but I am not living in Italy at the moment so I can feel the atmosphere 🙂

To celebrate it this year I want to make a selection of nice Halloween jewelry to suits all budgets.

Look at what I’ve found around the net – I created a collection on my polyvore account:

My fav ones are the  Jack Vartanian Bat Necklaces even if I am not a big fan of diamonds. They are part of his latest collection and many celebrities love them, see Megan Fox and Kate Hudson. But the prices are absolutely out of my hands…

Holiday decoration

Then I really like the silver necklace from cafèpress, with the small orange pumpkin – cute! and the pumpkin stud earrings, which I think are really cool!


Necklace (clipped to polyvore.com)

Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Earrings

Some many pumpkins around that they have actually inspired me for the pendant design I am going to use during the jewellery class I am attending… Lets see how it works!
C u soon

First lesson – finally!… Jewellery making course

copper sheet - jewelry making

Finally I started this Jewelry making course at MCAST in Malta 🙂 I am so happy for this new adventure.
Unfortunately the school is not so organized, I had issues finding the piece of metal they required for the first lesson, but at the end I used some that was already there, and for the next time I am going to buy a piece of copper from another student. Anyway I really enjoyed this first lesson – we are many, compare to what I though, different backgrounds, but we share a passion for crafts.
The Lecturer, Mr Castillo, has studied in London and after presenting himself he showed us some of his creations. Really cool!
I see Jewelry as Art, and this is what I would love to learn. Trying to come up with an original idea, designing it, studying how to create it, work on the metal, and shape i into something amazing!
He showed us the basic steps that a jeweler should follow when making a new piece.
First there should be an inspiration, then we should come up with a design, in this case we are going to create a pendant.
This is what I’ve learned today.
Every kind of metal used in jewellery must go through a process called annealing, which basically is making the metal softer by the application of heat, to shape it. The easiest method of annealing is with a torch. And I tried it!! I was a bit scared because I am afraid of fire, but at the end it was fun and interesting 

annealing - jewelry making
Then you need to cool off the piece of metal, and when it is not hot anymore you can place it in acid and water for the cleaning and it changes color…
So now the metal is ready to be shaped with the tools, such as among others special hammers, to create the particular texture needed.
We actually went through all the steps, but really fast, throughout the course we are going to look more deeply into each of them.
Also, Mr Castillo showed us the basic equipment for a jeweler workshop. From the next lesson we are going to start designing our own piece. I am so excited!
I’ll keep you posted.
C u soon

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